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For the curious marketer new to giveaways



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  • Accept unlimited invitations to participate in giveaway campaigns
  • Access to our top-notch customer service team
  • Search and connect with 5 brands in our network of 5,000+ brands


Create beautifully branded giveaways, no developer required



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  • Grow your social audience with Social Growth
  • Find and apply to join network campaigns
  • Send 15 messages a month to 5,000+ potential partners
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Maximize traffic and conversions



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  • A fully DojoMojo-managed first campaign
  • Show custom content, offers, and CTAs to entrants
  • Unlimited messages to 5,000+ brands in DojoMojo’s network


Acquire thousands of emails - we’ll do all the work

  • Guaranteed 15,000 emails acquired per average term. Larger guarantees available
  • Exclusive access to high-performing campaigns
  • Fully-managed campaign services, from partners to prizing

All Plans Include:

Acquisition of targeted, high-quality email leads
Integrate directly with your ESP for instant access to entries
Extensive customer support from our expert team
Marketing insights from comprehensive analytics
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  • Can I try DojoMojo for free? How does the free trial work?

    Absolutely! We want you to experience the value of our platform and earn your business. Simply create an account and follow the prompts, no credit card required. At the end of the 30 day period, we’ll let you know you need to add your credit card to continue using DojoMojo. Live campaigns will continue to run and you’ll still be able to access and download any entries for 5 days after your free trial expires.

  • Which package do I need to host my own campaigns?

    Essential and Premium users can host their own campaigns. These levels enjoy additional benefits like branding control, priority delivery of entries, the ability to apply to join campaigns, and access to our most powerful features.

  • What's Social Growth? How about Custom CTA?

    These features enable you to activate giveaway entrants in additional ways. Social sharing takes the pain out of growing your social following by incentivizing entrants with additional chances to win in exchange for following or sharing a post on social media, or downloading your app. The Custom CTA allows you to serve content, an ad, a special offer or a video to entrants after they enter the giveaway - these high intent clicks lead to sales!

  • Does DojoMojo integrate with any other platforms?

    We integrate with MailChimp, Salesforce, Shopify, and dozens of other platforms. Don’t see your ESP? We’ll build an integration for you. We also support Google Analytics, AdRoll, and ComScore tracking.

  • Can I buy features a la carte?

    At this time, no - we’ve made sure that all our features are tailored to best fit their service level. Not sure which features are a best fit for your needs? Let us know at [email protected]

  • Are there any separate email sending fees?

    Nope! All prices are all-inclusive. We wouldn’t do that to you.

  • Will my data be private and safe?

    Absolutely. We take the privacy of you and your email list seriously, and do not share any of your data.

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Participate in Unlimited Campaigns

CSV Download of Campaign Entries

Host Campaigns

Apply to Join Campaigns

Custom CSS

One-click MailChimp Integration

White Glove custom ESP integration

White Glove custom templates

White Glove first campaign


Measure Campaign Performance

Track Conversions

View Partner performance

Track Social Actions

Integrate with Google Analytics

Integrate with ComScore

Integrate with AdRoll Tracking

Brand Network

Send Messages

5 total



Access to network of 5,000+ Brands

Search Partners by industry, list size, & audience demographic

Invite Partners to join your Campaigns

Enhance Marketing Performance

Grow your audience with Social Actions

First Campaign Only

3 Actions/Campaign


Priority Access to Entries as a Campaign Host

Display an ad, content, or CTA to all entrants


Email Support

Phone Support

White Glove service on your first Hosted Campaign

Enterprise Level Onboarding

Dedicated Account Manager

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